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Antonio, fourth generation producer of raw organic honeyAntonio, fourth generation producer of

raw organic honey

Order This Raw Organic Honey in 1 Kilo Jars Online For Delivery Within 24 Hours. Antonio the Spanish Beekeeper is Dedicated to Natural Production Methods For Pure Honey. Supplies are very limited - order here.

Dear Seeker after Organic Honey

Antonios's raw organic honeys are rich in antioxidants and enzymes to benefit your health. They are all certified organic. Choose from honeys like Chestnut, Oak, Eucalyptus and Rosemary honey in large 1 Kilo jars. Save £6.75 on our set of three 'health honeys' - especially rich in antioxidants & enzymes. Order here.

You may see a lot of organic honey in the shops but almost all commercial organic honey isn't raw and therefore does not contain the health benefits that honey has in its natural 'raw' state.

Once you've tasted raw honey you will not want to go back to the processed stuff. I first discovered raw honey about ten years ago in the Pyrenees - the delicious flavour and healthy taste was so unlike the sweet very runny processed stuff that I was used to from the supermarkets. I'd also never come across honey in so many different colours and flavours, each one from a different flower variety - like heather, organge blossom and chestnut.

These honeys have the characteristics of the flowers from which the bees foraged.

Then we (my partner Tim and I. I'm Karen Puerta) started to bring it back for friends who were keen to get hold of raw honey and from there we started to sell it. Now we're running a raw honey operation which involves monthly trips to Spain. This honey, from fourth generation beekeeper Antonio, is exceptionally good.


Raw Organic Honey is More Beneficial for Your Health

Pure organic honey is enormously beneficial for your health - particularly the dark varieties - like oak and chestnut. What our grandparents and past generations told us about the benefits of honey - to treat wounds, as an internal antiseptic to help with stomach and mouth problems, like ulcers - are now being proven true by scientific studies. There's more being discovered as well - like the effect that antioxidants in honey can have on neutralising free radicals, which damage our body cells.

More than this though, you'll find the flavour is quite unlike that of commercial honey - really distinct and very different for each variety of honey. It's really good for using in recipes, honey keeps the moisture in recipes like Wholemeal Honey Cake

Antonio's Organic Honey Selection was Outstanding

About four months ago we received through the post a selection of raw organic honeys from a traditional beekeeper called Antonio, whose bees forage for nectar in the forests and mountains of northern Spain. I knew immediately on tasting these honeys that we had to go and meet the beekeeper behind this superb honey to check whether it met the standards we've set for the honey we sell. It has to be raw, preferably organic as well (but raw is more important). The beekeeper has to produce his honey in an ethical way, so no depriving the bees of honey as food or practices that will cause undue stress to the bee colonies. Definitely not giving the bees antibiotics - traces of very dangerous antibiotics have been found in commercial honey.

So in early July we jumped in our van and headed for central Spain. We found Antonio after a hot five hour drive from the French border through the emptiness of central northern Spain into the mountain ranges just north of Madrid. We arrived sweating and rather dusty at his countryside base, four hours behind our original schedule.


Most organic honey isn't raw


Antonio and his wife Gloria were incredibly welcoming. I think they were amazed that someone would drive all the way from England to buy some honey. But as I explained to Antonio, it is extremely difficult to find honey of different floral varieties - like Chestnut, Oak and Heather - that are organic and raw. There's lots of organic honey in the shops but little of it is from Europe and most of it is a blend of honeys from a range of countries. So the honey you are buying can never be traced back to a specific beekeeper. You don't know whether the honey has had sugar mixed in, there are processes now that make it very difficult to detect.


After refreshments we tried the range of honeys he had available: oak, chestnut, rosemary, heather and meadow honey. There was also some honeycomb and multiflora organic honey with walnuts.


Chestnut and Thyme Honey is Rich in Antioxidants


All the honeys had full but very different appearances and flavours, the oak, chestnut and heather were dark, the forest honey lighter and the rosemary almost translucent. It was the best honey of these varieties that I've ever tasted. The chestnut and oak honeys were particularly rich. Because Antonio's honey is certified organic his bee hives have to be surrounded for 3 kilometres in each direction by soil that is certified as organic.. The areas where he keeps his hives are in any case some of the most remote and pristine in Spain.


Not Pasteurised, Not Ultrafiltered...


Antonio told us he is committed to selling honey that is produced how his great-great grandfather produced it. This means that it is not pasteurised, unlike almost all supermarket honey, and it is not ultra filtered, a process that removes most of the pollen.


Antonio recounted his story of how he produces such high quality honey


"I'm the fourth generation of this bee keeping family. It was started by my Great Grandfather, passed on to my Grandfathers, then to my father and now it's me.


"My family has always farmed with traditional methods that are known today as 'ecological or organic - although there was no term for it until recently. We were one of the founders of the organic movement in this part of Spain.


"We move our hives according to the "Ecological Committee stipulations of Madrid. There has to be 3 kilometres of land around the hives that meets with organic soil standards. Much of the areas where our hives are taken is in the mountains.


"We do not feed our hives in the winter with sugar. We let the bees feed from the honey they have produced, and we leave the honey in the hives for two months until it has matured naturally.


"We use no chemicals and treat the bees with herbs and homeopathic remedies, one of them is a derivative of thyme."



raw organic honey
Organic Certification

After spending a couple of hours with Antonio and Gloria and viewing some hives that were local to his house we loaded up with chestnut, oak, forest honey and heather - not in a massive quantity but enough to see if this honey will be popular in the UK - and then headed off for an appointment with Ramon, our other supplier of raw honey. 16 hours after leaving Antonio we were boarding the ferry at Dieppe, en route for Brighton.

So we arrived home tired but extremely satisfied with the organic honey we purchased. Now, after carefully studying the scientific analysis of this honey, we are offering it for sale online. Allow me to explain a little more about the benefits of raw organic honey.

Antonio's Raw honey has six main health benefits

  • As a natural sweetener that is twice as sweet as refined sugar but doesn't give you the energy spike that refined sugar does. As honey is low on the glycemic index, it does not cause the blood sugar to shoot up, but allows a much healthier gradual increase in blood sugar levels.
  • Through antioxidant compounds that can help your cells fight off free radicals one of the causes of a host of degenerative diseases.  Unique to honey is pinocembrin, an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning. 
  • To help you digest meals better through the natural enzymes that assists the digestive process.
  • As an internal anti bacterial aid for your family to soothe sore throats and stomach infections through honey drinks. Medical advice should be taken for more serious conditions.
  • As an external anti bacterial dressing. Honey can be applied as a dressing to external wounds to prevent infection and aid healing. It's important you take medical advice first though.


  • As a completely natural product that is not contaminated with traces of antibiotics and chemicals used to treat crops.

You'll benefit from the goodness that is packed into raw organic honey with up to 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and a range of vitamins along with as many as 5000 enzymes.



Read More About What Customers Have Said About Our Raw Honey


raw organic honey
Karen Puerta

We get a lot of positive feedback from customers who have bought honey online from us.


People really are very happy both with the service and the quality of honey, which is gratifying (but we're always looking to improve).

I know a lot of people worry about ordering online, there are scams, so we hope the feedback helps to reassure you. You can call us on 01273 682109 if you'd feel more comfortable talking to us first before ordering.

I am 100% happy with your honey quality. It tastes different
and really raw. I tried others but yours is different. Thank you.
Hamed Daghrir, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

I loved the friendly service and fast delivery! I really enjoyed tasting the 4 different kinds you sent me, the tastes are so rich and sweet, and so different, each of them, it was amazing! I really feel as if I'm holding something precious, like liquid gold. The quality excels anything I've ever tasted. One can feel the health benefits of honey like this, and I'm glad the bees aren't fed antibiotics or sugar during the winter. I will definitely order from you again.
Sophia Tedman, France

Order Your Raw Organic Honey Online And Receive Your Honey Within 24 Hours


Express delivery (Monday to Thursday - ) will get your honey to you within 24 hours. It is very difficult to find raw organic honey (as opposed to organic honey) in these monofloral varieties (chestnut, oak etc. The only down side is the postage, which because of the weight is £6 for a kilo but for orders of three kilos or more we can get cheap courier delivery, which starts at £9. Many people are ordering a health set of antioxidant & enzyme rich honeys - Chestnut, Oak and Rosemary, which are £38.22 for three kilos, a saving of £6.75. The honey sells at £14.99 a kilo before discount (except for Multifloral, which is £12.50).


You can save up to 25% with larger orders.


Just click here to order raw organic honey from remote mountain and valley areas.  If you're not 100% happy with this pure organic honey then return it to us and we'll refund you, no questions asked. You will go straight to our shopping cart in the Raw Honey Shop, which is part of Pyrenees Honey.

Thank you.

Karen Puerta






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What Customers are saying about our raw honey


"I am 100% happy with your honey quality. It tastes different and really raw. I tried others but yours is different. Thank you.


Hamed Daghrir, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


"I was delighted with the friendliness & efficiency of the service provided and of course with the quality of the honey."


Mrs Nora Roberts

East Kilbride


"Nice friendly people, quality product and service is good. I wish you well"


P. Massey

Hornchurch, Essex.





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